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What We Do

We specialise in B2C Lead Generation through outbound telemarketing. Our services include face-to-face appointment setting, hotkey transfers, data cleansing and processing sales over the phone on behalf of clients both nationally and internationally.

Our Company

Founded in 2015, Home Lead Gen have worked with over 175 clients across 10 different sectors, providing an outsourced lead generation service. Having had an extensive back ground working in the B2C world, our founder, Harry, spotted a gap in the market for there to be an outsourced solution for companies which would allow them to have a company which works alongside them and act as an extension to their own businesses, eliminating the need for their own in-house lead generation setup and all the pains it can bring, such as sickness, training and recruitment. 

We do not ask for any long-term commitment, just an opportunity to prove concept. We have a very scalable process, which can allow for companies to keep their internal team streamlined and allow us to focus on generating qualified sales opportunities and in some case sales, depending on the need of each business we work with.

We are based in the heart of Exeter city centre, and all of our activity is carried out from our office and we do not use any overseas call centres.

Our Services

B2C Telemarketing

B2C telemarketing can get much better response rates than traditional advertising methods as it generates immediate interaction with prospects, there’s no need to wait for prospects to react to your advertising / social media posts – a phone call does it all.

Our campaigns allow for direct interaction with potential customers, letting you know their thoughts and level of interest in your product or service immediately – talking to customers directly also provides the opportunity to explain your service or product in more detail.

B2C campaigns offer prospects instant answers to their questions, which allows a quicker turnaround in their decision making. Engaging in conversation also creates the perfect opportunity to cross-sell other products and services, whilst allowing for a strong rapport to be built – this could be the difference between them choosing you over your competition. In comparison to other marketing methods such as advertising, which could require weeks to generate a result, telemarketing creates the opportunity to instantly convert and sell to the prospect in real-time.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing (more commonly known as text messaging) is a marketing channel, much like email marketing, that allows businesses to message customers directly with marketing/promotional messages, product launches, company updates, sales offers and more. It is one of the most immediate channels available – with a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes’ delivery, meaning you can be reassured that your time critical messages will be read almost instantly.

This service can be used in many ways; firstly, you can send a text campaign out before commencing an outbound telemarketing project. Any negative responses would be removed; all positive responses would be followed up and then this gives the telemarketer a warm opening when calling the non-responsive contacts.

If a consumer is being targeted via SMS and then a phone call soon after, this can increase the liklihood of delivering a successful pitch.

Data Cleansing

Living in the digital world, everything around us is constantly changing and evolving. Often clients come to us with a pre-existing database, however – even if that database is only a year or two old – it can still be out of date and therefore ineffective.

We recognise one of the best selling opportunities is to previous customers who have already experienced and enjoyed your product or services. It’s because of this, we provide a data cleansing service where we will have one of our telemarketers carefully contact prospects on your database, tidying it up, whilst using this as an opportunity to check that they are still happy with the service. This service also creates scope for further sales to be made, with the telemarketer able to discuss and offer new products or services.

By the end of the data cleansing, you will have a database that is both relevant and valuable, helping save resources in the future internally filtering through data.

Data Generation

We work closely with our data partners, whose data is collected via lifestyle surveys, online comparisons, and competition sites along with strategic partners contributing to their data pool. The data is continually verified, updated and TPS suppressed upon EVERY. SINGLE. OUTPUT.

We ensure the data is progressively profiled, current, accurate, compliant and at a price you can afford and grow from. The data is supplied in manageable volumes to suit your requirements.

Due to the nature of the data capture, campaigns need to be primed and ready to spring into action in order to capitalise on the opportunity – this is something we can help with. Our unique lead-generation campaigns offer as much bespoke and targeted information as is required across all modern mediums of communication (postal, email & telephone).

What Our Clients Say?

  • Harry and Home Lead Gen are a pleasure to work with, and have genuinely taken the time to understand our business.

    Their strength is in delivering a tailored campaign, and being eager for feedback to constantly ’sharpen the saw’.

    Through this approach they’ve really delivered on their promise. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Jeff Nottingham
    Senior Producer, North London Creative Agency
  • We have been very happy with all aspects of working with HLG. Specifically, excellent quality of leads, with our experienced team members converting at, at least 50%.

    They are an understanding provider, willing to adapt, and take advice to improve quality & performance. Reliable lead source, polite staff, and consistent.

    Jessica Lee-Green
    Operations Sales Manager, Fulcrum
  • I have been in contact with Harry over the last 4 years and have been using Home Lead Gen at various times throughout this period to assist with the needs of my business.  I have been very happy with the service they provide and look forward to continue working with them in the future. 

    Ricky Dass
    Sales Manager, Evergen Systems
  • We have completed our first batch of leads from Home Lead Gen and just started our second batch as we are happy with the average premium and commission from their leads generated.  Not only are we happy with their leads, but their team and ours have built up a great rapport and we are hopeful of a long and profitable business relationship. I would recommend Home Lead Gen to anybody looking for good quality leads and a good service from a great group of people.

    Grant Sheedy
    Director, The Here 4 You Group
  • The team at Home Lead Gen are a great bunch of guys that always strive to deliver exceptional service and quality. After initially speaking to a number of lead outsourcing companies, I felt very comfortable with Home Lead Gen and – having worked with them for the last six months – I am more than happy with the results. They work as an integral part of our business and they constantly monitoring and tweak their processes to ensure maximum return.

    Graham Anderson
    Director, Chuch Energy
  • We started working with Home Lead Gen in July, and have been really happy with the level of service and performance so far. The team has been fantastic in not only delivering on what we need, but keeping us updated and looking for ways to improve the process for increased productivity. So far, we have 37 new clients in just a few weeks, and we look forward to seeing this number grow over the coming months 

    Danielle Lightfoot
    Solicitor and Head of Financial Litigation, Oakwood Solicitors

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