B2C telemarketing can get much better response rates than traditional advertising methods as it generates immediate interaction with prospects, there’s no need to wait for prospects to react to your advertising / social media posts – a phone call does it all.

Our campaigns allow for direct interaction with potential customers, letting you know their thoughts and level of interest in your product or service immediately – talking to customers directly also provides the opportunity to explain your service or product in more detail.

B2C campaigns offer prospects instant answers to their questions, which allows a quicker turnaround in their decision making. Engaging in conversation also creates the perfect opportunity to cross-sell other products and services, whilst allowing for a strong rapport to be built – this could be the difference between them choosing you over your competition. In comparison to other marketing methods such as advertising, which could require weeks to generate a result, telemarketing creates the opportunity to instantly convert and sell to the prospect in real-time.

We know working with a lead generation company will be an investment and you’re putting your faith in our team to deliver. We’ve been in the lead generation business for quite some time and have fine-tuned the way we work to harness the best results. Here’s more detail about our approach to lead generation and how we consistently achieve great results.

We start every campaign with a set-up call – this is used to establish target audiences, what our client is looking to achieve and how they’d prefer their leads to be delivered.

The starting point for any successful campaign is having a detailed discussion around what the average client value is so we know how much we need to generate in order for you to view the campaign as being successful. In addition, we also need to establish what the conversion rates are from leads to sales so we know how many leads need to be generated during the lifetime of the campaign.

Following this, we then turn our attention to data criteria – like any campaign, we need to ensure we’re targeting the correct audience. We do this by discussing postcodes, age ranges, property value, household incomes and other relevant details. Once we have that agreed, data will be delivered to us and our marketing department will then create content (the script) before sending the script off.

Throughout this, we are in constant dialogue with the client to ensure the script is perfect and appropriately represents the business – every business has a different culture and way of doing things, which we recognise.

Following this, the client will be introduced to their telemarketer – this creates another opportunity to make sure they’re happy with their script. Once the campaign is up and running, we will send 2-3 calls a day with any leads. Importantly, with any missed opportunities, we will be constantly evaluating to see if there is anything that could be tweaked to make it even more successful in the future.

We have a call every Friday to discuss and answer any questions surrounding the campaign. We report on how many calls and leads have been generated during and once halfway through the campaign, we give the client the opportunity to check we’re on track with our KPIs and have a discussion about phase two – whether it’s with the same telemarketers or upscaling to a large team.


  • Set up call
  • Discuss target audience and what the client is looking to achieve
  • Discuss lead criteria and how they want to the lead to be generated (e.g. a call back system, a hotkey, a face to face or a zoom meeting
  • Discuss KPIs
  • Data delivered to us
  • Marketing department create script and send off
  • Client meets the telemarketer
  • Check client is happy, campaign goes live.
  • Client receives report and personal call checking in every Friday
  • Halfway through campaign check progress and results
  • Discussion about phase two

How we qualify our leads

With each campaign, we ensure that every lead is packaged up with as much consolidation as possible by the telemarketer in order to minimise any lead wastage. Each telemarketer will be responsible for the lead generated and will ensure the lead meets the criteria. Within 30 minutes of the lead being generated, an account manager will then listen to the call - also checking it meets the criteria, and proceed to call the prospect back, confirming they are happy with the process and further build consolidation.

Once this process is complete, the client then receives the information of the lead generated via our shared lead sheet, along with a copy of the call recording.

With hotkey leads, the telemarketer qualifies the lead and then transfers that lead across in real-time. We know in most cases, 30-45 minutes that the lead has been confirmed.

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