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Case Studies

Oakwood Solicitors

Established in 2001, Oakwood Solicitors has steadily grown from a local solicitor specialising in personal injury claims, to a multi-service law firm based in the heart of Oakwood, North Leeds.

The Challenge

  • To generate new business for their financial mis-selling department.
  • To have customers who are actually signed up to use their service and not just leads that have come through for them to contact to try and convert.

The Solution

Our main focus was lead generation, enriching data with correct contact names, job titles, email addresses and updating and verifying other important criteria.

We set up a process that allowed us to contact prospects, sending over documents via email to be e-signed and then following up in order to convert.

This allowed their internal team to focus on generating fees for the firm by winning cases and not spending precious hours generating leads.

To date, we have generated over 85 new clients in just 8 weeks (average 10 /11 cases per week). The new cases we have signed-up have a total value of £1.1m.

iPlace Global

After setting up a property law firm, iPlace Global founders, Peter and Simon experienced first hand the frustrations with the conveyancing process. For all parties: the estate agent, the mortgage broker, the conveyancer and the end-customer, obstacles stood in the way of a smooth, successful journey.

The Challenge

  • To find partners from different sectors to create a revenue stream using their existing client database.
  • To find an outsourced partner who can be bespoke to their requirements and scale on demand.

The Solution

We used our marketing department to find suitable partners who fitted the profile of who they were looking for.

Then, we created a telemarketing team, a script, and a qualified sales opportunities facility.

This has allowed our client to generate a revenue stream of over £20,000 a month.

Pure Energy

Pure Energy is a business born out of passion; passion for sustainability and technology. Since being founded we have helped over 1000 homes and businesses in the UK to reduce their carbon footprint, by embracing innovative renewable technologies.

The Challenge

  • To help fix a recruitment issue our client had internally and provide a team of agents that would ensure they kept their required volume of leads needed at a suitable level.
  • To generate leads with homeowners who are interested in renewable energy products for their home.

The Solution

Our main focus was generating a data set which would be best suited to a campaign of this nature, to ensure each agent had the best possible platform to be successful.

We set up a process that allowed us contact prospects (up to 300 per day).

After a successful trial period we now have 3 agents full time working on this account booking on average 10 leads per day.

This has allowed our client to focus on sales, and as a result have not needed to recruit any further telemarketers internally.

To date, we have generated over 1000 sales leads, with a conversion rate of 30%, over a 6-month period.

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